Kaléo Cares

Patient Assistance Program

We believe that it is important to not only make potentially life-saving medical products but to also ensure that the people who need those medicines are able to obtain them. Patients facing financial hardships who do not have insurance coverage for prescription medicines may be eligible for patient assistance support.

Healthy Communities

Kaléo is proud to be an engaged member of our community. We believe that it is important to collaborate with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the growth of healthy communities. Kaléo team members volunteer their time with numerous organizations dedicated to working on behalf of people in need. We support our community through volunteerism, memberships and in leadership roles with various boards and commissions dedicated to philanthropic efforts.

Product Donation Grants

At kaléo, we are guided by our mission of empowering patients and caregivers to confidently take control in serious or potentially life-threatening situations. The kaléo Cares Product Donation Program provides our products at no cost to certain qualifying non-profit organizations and other groups demonstrating need. There are two product donation programs available to qualified applicants:

The EVZIO® (naloxone HCl injection) Product Donation Grant Program is intended for first responder organizations for use in the field or for qualifying non-profits, harm reduction groups and health departments who intend to distribute product to patients facing financial hardships who do not have insurance coverage for prescription medicines.

To apply for the EVZIO product donation grant please visit:

The "Q Your School" Product Donation Grant Program is intended to provide AUVI-Q® (epinephrine injection, USP) to elementary schools across the United States.

To apply for the "Q Your School" Product Donation Grant Program, please visit:

Questions can be sent via by email to donationrequest@kaleopharma.com.

Investigator Initiated Studies

Kaléo aims to advance science and improve patient care by supporting high-quality research that is initiated, designed, implemented and sponsored by external investigators.

An investigator-initiated study (IIS) is a research effort where the sponsor of the work is an investigator, healthcare institution, or some form of medical network, external to kaléo, that is seeking our support to conduct the work. This support can be in the form of product, funding, or a combination of both. The kaléo IIS Program is open to academic and community-based physicians and researchers in the United States who are interested in conducting their own research. This program consists of a committee of medical and scientific staff who meet regularly to review proposals. The decision to support a study proposal is based on the importance of the research objectives to medical science or patient care, the scientific rationale for the proposed methodology, and the ability of the study sponsor to deliver a high-quality, ethical study.

Submission of a proposal does not imply or guarantee approval. All proposals will be reviewed based on research merit criteria. Financial and/or product support is contingent upon full execution by both parties of the research agreement. Applications for 2017 product and/or funding are currently being accepted.

We do not support IIS in order to reward healthcare professionals for using, purchasing, recommending, or prescribing kaléo products or to persuade them to do so by supporting the proposed research. Please click here to submit an IIS proposal.